Next-Gen Humanoid Robot Unveiled: A Glimpse into the Future of Robotics

  Robot developer Boston Dynamics has surprised many people when it has just launched a new generation humanoid robot model, with the ability to operate extremely flexibly thanks to its unique joint design.

Boston Dynamics (owned by Hyundai), a company headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, is famous for developing humanoid robots, capable of simulating complex human movements, including Difficult movements such as jumping parkour or performing somersaults...

Recently, Boston Dynamics has just launched its new generation of humanoid robots, called New Atlas, which is an upgraded version of the Atlas humanoid robot launched by Boston Dynamics in 2013.

The first notable improvement of the new generation Atlas robot model is that the entire hydraulic system based on liquid pressure in the previous version will be replaced by an electric motor, allowing the robot to operate lightly. lighter and more flexible.

Boston Dynamics affirms that the new generation Atlas robot model can perform more movements than the old robot model, and can even perform moves and movements that humans cannot do.

Boston Dynamics posted a short video to introduce its new robot model, in which the new generation Atlas robot lies face down on the floor, but can flexibly rotate the connecting joints to help the robot stand up. The robot's joints can rotate at angles that humans cannot follow.

New generation humanoid robot demonstrates amazingly flexible movements (Video: Boston Dynamics).

Boston Dynamics is confident that its new generation of humanoid robots can do many things that humans cannot do in factory, laboratory environments or to serve people in daily life.

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