Cutting-edge Humanoid Robot Showcased, Redefining Boundaries of Robotics

 Over the coming months and years, we will show the world what the world's most dynamic humanoid robot can actually do in factories, laboratories and in everyday life," Boston Dynamics representative shared about the company's new robot model.

"Atlas may resemble a human form, but we are equipping this robot with the ability to move in the most efficient ways possible to perform tasks, rather than being limited by its range of motion." like humans," a Boston Dynamics representative added.

Boston Dynamics has not announced clearly when the new generation Atlas robot will be launched, but confirmed that it will commercialize this robot model for many different purposes, including serving people's daily lives. .

Boston Dynamics' older generation Atlas robot demonstrates incredible running and jumping (Video: Boston Dynamics).

In the immediate future, Boston Dynamics will cooperate with parent company Hyundai to test the new generation Atlas robot in Hyundai's automobile factories to perform tasks that are boring or potentially harmful to the health of employees. human.

Before Hyundai, luxury car company Mercedes-Benz also signed a cooperation agreement with Apptronik, a robotics and artificial intelligence development company headquartered in Austin (Texas, USA), to bring a humanoid robot named Apptronik's Apollo worked in Mercedes-Benz vehicle assembly plants.

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Apollo will perform jobs that require physical health but do not require too much skill, such as checking vehicle parts, bringing components to the production line for workers to assemble, etc.

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