Growing Threat: Security Vulnerabilities for iPhone and Android Devices Available for Public Purchase

 Crowdfense said the price of security vulnerability exploitation tools has increased sharply because companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft... are strengthening their product security measures, making the search and exploitation process more difficult. Security vulnerabilities are becoming more and more difficult.

Crowdfense's act of publicly selling security vulnerabilities for attack purposes has been condemned by the technology and security community, with many people saying that Crowdfense is making illegal profits and working against the user community.

In the opposite direction, some technology and security companies, such as Trend Micro ZDI, have spent large sums of money to purchase security vulnerability information from hackers as well as from other companies. like Crowdfense, to warn users and provide suggestions to patch those dangerous security holes.

Big technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft... themselves also have reward programs for security experts, hackers... if they discover and give warnings about serious security holes in their products. hardware and software of these companies.

However, the reward price offered by technology companies is still much lower than the price Crowdfense is selling security vulnerabilities to hackers as well as government agencies. That's why Crowdfense accepts a bad reputation to trade and sell serious security vulnerabilities to the outside, rather than warning these vulnerabilities to technology companies to receive bonuses.

In addition to Crowdfense, many other companies also publicly sell security holes in software at different prices, depending on the severity and ease of exploitation of the security holes. These companies are often on the embargo list of the US government and many European countries, but the companies still earn large sums of money from their transactions.

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