2024 The Security Dilemma: Exploring Why Businesses, Despite Investments, Fall Prey to Hacker Assaults

 Businesses spend a lot of money on security, why are they still attacked by hackers? - 2

To effectively defend against hackers, what needs to be done is to invest correctly, not how much money to invest (Photo: Getty).

Another point to pay attention to is the behavior of the managing unit. In particular, the awareness of the leader is very important, because that is the person who signs the contract and decides to invest.

According to security experts, without full awareness, investment can easily go astray, "a lot of money is spent but the system is still vulnerable".

Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Technical Director of National Cyber Security Technology Joint Stock Company (NCS), said that according to the world's general formula, investment in cyber security usually accounts for about 10% of investment costs for information system. However, the majority of businesses in Vietnam have not reached this rate.

"The ideal investment level for network security today is 10%, preferably 20%. However, in Vietnam it has not been possible to do so, perhaps only at less than 5%," Mr. Son assessed.

Mr. Son also agrees with the view that what needs to be done is to invest correctly, not how much money to invest. Specifically, most Vietnamese agencies and businesses invest 80% of their costs in defense and prevention, but only spend 15% of their capital on monitoring and 5% on response.

Security experts say this approach is outdated. Instead, the correct way to invest in a modern information security system, also known as "new thinking" today, is to invest in a three-legged stool, divided equally between the stages of prevention, monitor and react.

According to Mr. Le Xuan Thuy, organizations and businesses should accept the fact that even if they have invested properly, there is still a risk of an attack. "This should be considered a long-term resistance war," Mr. Thuy said.

In short, no matter how high a wall is built, it cannot be guaranteed that the wall cannot be overcome. It is important to improve the process of tracking, monitoring, and reacting instead of preventing in the usual way.

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