The third-person MOBA game Smite will have part 2, starting Alpha Test in the next few months

 Hi-Rez Games lifts the curtain on Smite 2, the third-person MOBA sequel developed using Unreal Engine 5. Smite 2 was announced at the Smite World Championship 2024. 

The sequel holds the core gameplay that Smite players are familiar with, but the game will be rebuilt from the ground up for the next generation of consoles. Part 1 was released in 2014 and ran on Unreal Engine 3, so Smite 2 - built using Unreal Engine 5 - represents a significant technological leap.​​In addition to the graphical upgrades As well as new animations and effects for Smite's gods, season 2 will also bring a number of gameplay improvements: new abilities for several characters, a completely new support and matchmaking system, The map functionality and user interface have also been revamped. Five new gods are expected to debut in Smite 2, starting with Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, self, ghosts, and necromancy. Hecate will appear in the Smite 2 alpha test, which begins in Spring 2024. 

Smite 2 was built from the ground up, so the development team at Titan Forge Games also took this opportunity to make some mechanical adjustments. version for the game to enhance strategic depth. In part 1, the gods use physical or magical powers and cannot equip items that are not of their power type. Smite 2 will remove the above limitations, allowing all gods to use all items and expanding each god's abilities based on new Strength and Intelligence stats. Relics will completely disappear and the item inventory will be restructured to help players easily and flexibly adjust their itemization in battle. Smite 1 currently has a roster of 130 gods and not all of them. can all appear immediately in Smite 2, although the developer plans to bring all the gods to the sequel. However, not all Smite content will be carried over to season 2.

 Skins released before Year 11 will not be present in the new game. The development team explains that it is not feasible to recreate the large amount of content released over 10 years, although the new Legacy system will help long-time Smite players buy back skins corresponding to the amount of money they spent. out for part 1. Additionally, Smite 2 will not replace Smite 1. The original game will continue to operate and will be updated regularly for the foreseeable future. Smite 2 will release on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X and S, as well as PlayStation 5 with full Cross-play features and players can register to experience the alpha test from now.

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