Europa takes players to explore a world as beautiful as a Ghibli movie

 Europa is an adventure, exploration and peaceful game launching on April 16 on PC and Console.​

With a stunning graphic style like those of Ghibli animated films, Europa promises a peaceful experience intertwined elements of adventure, exploration and meditation in the world in Jupiter's shadow. Here, among lakes, grasslands, mountains and the ruins of an ancient civilization, players will take on the role of a robot named Zee, who is on a journey to decode the story of his biological father. . 

The game takes place on Jupiter's moon Europa and the place has undergone terraforming. Players control Zee to run, jump, and fly while exploring Europa's vivid landscapes and the ancient technological mechanisms that appear throughout the world.​Europa will not feature any combat. This is truly a peaceful game centered around exploration and adventure. Players can freely move around to explore and research everything during the journey thanks to the Zephyr jet device. 

This game is a "passion project" carried out since 2017 by developer Helder Pinto, head of environmental design for Blizzard games such as Overwatch 2 and Diablo 3. Although it possesses bold graphics poetic nature, but Europa requires extremely little in terms of configuration. The game only requires a multi-core CPU and a 1GB VRAM graphics card⁠. Europa will launch on April 16 and you can experience the demo on Steam.

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