VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives in April 2024

Update the listed price and roll the latest VinFast Lux SA2.0 with all versions.

VinFast Lux SA2.0 is a 7-seat mid-size luxury multi-purpose SUV (Mid-Size luxury SUV) developed on the basis of the 5th generation BMW X5. The car was introduced for the first time at the Paris exhibition. Motor Show 2018.

At Thong Nhat Park (Hanoi) on November 20, 2018, VinFast Lux SA2.0 was officially launched to home consumers. This car model is considered a potential competitor of famous names such as Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Fortuner or Ford Everest . The car is distributed with 8 exterior paint colors: White, Black, Orange, Brown, Blue, Gray, Red, Silver.

Price of VinFast Lux SA2.0 car rolling out with incentives in April 2024 - 1

Refer to the listed price of VinFast Lux SA2.0 car updated in April 2024

Car modelListed price (VND)50% LPTB discountPrice incentivesStimulus policy (VND)
Deducted from selling price (VND)Installment payment with outstanding interest rate guaranteePay directly 100% of car value
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Standard1,552,090,00094,800,000160,00,0001,257,290,0001,160,965,000
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Advanced1,642,968,00099,864,000140,00,0001,403,104,0001,258,704,000
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Premium1,835,693,00011,534,000140,00,0001,584,159,0001,423,134,000

- With an outstanding interest rate guarantee package, VinFast will support interest rates for the first 2 years and guarantee interest rates not exceeding 10.5% from the 3rd to 8th years.

- From January 12, 2022, VinFast officially increases the warranty period for Lux SA2.0 cars that have been and will be sold on the market to 10 years or 200,000 km (whichever comes first). Along with that, customers who buy VinFast Lux SA2.0 cars online will also receive 3 years of free maintenance worth 23 million VND.

VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives April 2024 - 2

Refer to the provisional on-road price of VinFast Lux SA2.0 cars updated in April 2024

Car modelCar price when
paid 100% (VND)
Provisional rolling price (VND)
HanoiHo Chi Minh CityOther provinces/cities
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Standard1,160,965,0001,323,054,2001,299,834,9001,280,834,900
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Advanced1,258,704,0001,432,521,8801,407,347,8001,388,347,800
VinFast Lux SA2.0 Premium1,423,134,0001,616,683,4801,588,220,8001,569,220,800

*Note: the above on-road price is for reference only, the price does not include promotions at the dealer, the price may vary depending on the area and equipment of each vehicle.

Lux SA2.0 has been officially announced by VinFast Trading and Services Company Limited to officially stop production to focus all its efforts on the electric car segment. However, customers who have, are and are about to own a VinFast Lux SA2.0 car will still fully enjoy the committed policies such as repair, maintenance and replacement of genuine parts.

VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives April 2024 - March

Technical specifications of VinFast Lux SA2.0 car

Specifications/VersionVinFast Lux SA2.0 StandardVinFast Lux SA2.0 Premium
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)4,940 x 1,960 x 1,773
Wheelbase (mm)2,933
Ground clearance (mm)192
Engine2.0L, DOHC, twin-tube turbocharger, variable valve timing, direct fuel injection
Weight without load/full load (kg)2140/710
Fuel tank capacity (L)85
Maximum power (horsepower @ rpm)228 @ 5,000 - 6,000
Maximum torque (Nm @ rpm)350 @ 1,750 - 4,500
Automatically turns off the engine temporarilyHave
GearZF - 8-speed automatic
Drive systemRear axle (RWD)Two-wheel drive (AWD)
Front/rear brake systemHeatsink/solid disc
Front suspensionIndependent, double lower arm, aluminum bracket
Rear suspension systemIndependent, 5-link with guide arm and horizontal stabilizer bar, pneumatic damper
Power steeringHydraulic, electric control
Speaker System8 speakers13 speakers, with Amplifier
Aluminum alloy tires and wheels19 inches20 inches
Security functionAutomatic door lock, anti-theft alarm, key encryption
Air bag06 bags
Fuel consumption in urban areas (L/100km)10.4615.81
Fuel consumption outside urban areas (L/100km)7.188.01
Combined fuel consumption (L/100km)8.3910.92

VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives April 2024 - 4

Details of VinFast Lux SA2.0 car

VinFast Lux SA2.0 is the first internal combustion engine SUV of the VinFast brand. Appearing prominently in Paris in red exterior paint, the design of VinFast Lux SA2.0 is highly appreciated by international experts for its elegance and modernity while still retaining its own character.


The design of VinFast Lux SA2.0 is quite similar to the sedan model launched at the same time, emphasizing the characteristic V-shape. The hood has an elongated design with embossed lines similar to BMW cars. In the middle is the car logo, on the outside are two shiny chrome lines connecting the LED daytime running lights with a larger V shape. The headlights with a modern and beautiful design are placed in a lower position than usual.

The car body has many chrome-plated details used quite a lot from the window edges to the panels below the doors to contribute to increasing the luxurious look.

The rear of the car with LED taillights is designed to form a "V" graphic in harmony with the front, creating a strong visual effect. Below are two exhaust pipes with an angular, compact design and a symmetrical arrangement creating a sporty and balanced look.


The VinFast Lux SA2.0 cabin brings a feeling of elegance and lightness. The car is equipped with independent 2-zone air conditioning, a modern sound system with 9 speakers and a modern infotainment system. The 3-spoke steering wheel integrates function keys such as hands-free calling, sound adjustment and the VinFast logo in the middle. The infotainment screen is large and eye-catching.


VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives April 2024 - October

VinFast Lux SA2.0 is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged gasoline engine with a maximum capacity of 228 horsepower and maximum torque of 350 Nm combined with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission with optional RWD/AWD drive. version.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment on VinFast Lux SA2.0 includes: 6 airbags; Anti-lock braking (ABS); Electronic brake force distribution (EBD); Emergency Brake Assist (BA); Anti-slip function (TCS); Electronic balance (ESC); Hill Start Assist (HSA); Hill descent control (HDC); Front parking assist sensor; Blind spot warning; Emergency belt tensioning system, force limiter, front seats; ISOFIX child seat fixing hooks (seat row 2, outer seats); Automatic door locking function when the vehicle moves and when leaving the vehicle; Rear camera; 360 Camera (advanced and premium version); Electronic handbrake; Cruise control; Quick tire repair kit.

VinFast Lux SA2.0 car price rolling out with incentives April 2024 - November

Review of VinFast Lux SA2.0 car

   + Spacious, comfortable interior
   + Strong performance
   + Modern safety and convenience system.

   - Price is quite high
- Fuel economy is not really good
   - No sunroof and seat with memory function.

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