VinFast Expands Network, Directly Competing with Gasoline Car Manufacturers in Vietnam

 Having autonomy in technology in production, possessing a solid infrastructure foundation and a dense distribution network, VinFast's recruitment of authorized agents nationally quickly attracted the attention of many trusted investors. on the capacity of the Vietnamese car company. According to experts, VinFast is converging all the elements to accelerate towards its goal of becoming the number 1 car company in Vietnam.

Model of multi-dimensional infrastructure development

Having been "engaged" in the car buying and selling market for more than 6 years, Mr. Tuan Anh decided to register to cooperate with VinFast in selling electric cars to increase revenue, in addition to a fairly large automobile and motorbike store he owns. currently operating in Hanoi.

Recently, VinFast officially announced the recruitment of authorized dealers to distribute electric vehicles from April 1 to June 30, 2024. Like Mr. Tuan Anh, many investors quickly contacted VinFast to learn more about policies and benefits. It is known that this is a new step to expand and strongly develop the company's distribution channel nationally in the context that electric cars will be the main trend in the market. In Vietnam, VinFast is considered an electric vehicle company capable of controlling the market thanks to its strong resources, full product range and synchronous infrastructure system.

“Electrification is a trend, many customers are interested, so I want to switch to selling more electric cars. Cooperating with VinFast, I am very assured because the product strategy is timely, the charging station infrastructure, and service facilities are all ready," Mr. Tuan Anh believes, cooperating with a reputable partner like VinFast will help him quickly. Quickly enter the electric vehicle market and earn profits soon.

In fact, in the wave of booming electric vehicle sales in the world, the Vietnamese market also recorded the participation of many famous names from abroad with significant investments to build factories, place network of showrooms, dealerships... However, experts say that, In the current fierce race, electric vehicle manufacturers need more platforms than that to compete directly with gasoline car products on the market. market. market.

VinFast can be considered a comprehensive model in the current market. The Vietnamese car company is far ahead of many other brands when it soon owns a factory complex with the most modern technological lines according to European standards. This is a combination that surprises experts and investors from the US, Europe and many other countries because of the modern robot fleet of the world's leading brands, the ability to have almost absolute automation in many factories... is the foundation for products that are considered to be of outstanding quality from the Vietnamese car company.

In addition to product quality, VinFast clearly shows its determination to bring electric vehicles closer to every family, by investing heavily in "hard" infrastructure, including a system of showrooms, distributors, and charging stations nationally. Notably among these is the planning of 150,000 charging ports in 63 provinces and cities - one of the especially important factors to help users change their travel habits. Currently, on 125 national highways, provincial roads, and expressways, car owners can easily find charging posts, with the average distance between two charging points being 65 km. In the inner city, this distance is only 3.5 km.

Not stopping there, the Vietnamese car company said it will continue its journey to narrow the gap between charging points. The latest highlight is the appearance of V-GREEN Global Charging Station Development Company, recently established by Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong - Chairman of Vingroup and founder of VinFast.

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Vietnam's number 1 goal

Besides "hard infrastructure", VinFast is also a rare company that focuses on developing "soft infrastructure" with a series of sales and after-sales policies that win the hearts of customers.

Many policies can be mentioned such as warranty up to 10 years or 200,000 km; mobile repair services (Mobile Service), mobile battery charging (Mobile Charging)... These are the pieces that complete the electric vehicle ecosystem, meeting diverse needs and bringing absolute peace of mind to users. use.

Along with that, to help its products get closer to Vietnamese customers, VinFast also continuously offers the best financial solutions on the market. Recently, the Vietnamese car company launched the second "Strong Vietnamese Spirit" campaign, with the "3 Most" installment car purchase incentive package, including the longest loan period - up to 8 years; largest loan value - up to 80% of car price; and the most attractive loan interest

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