Unveiling the Distinctive Features of Microsoft's Windows 11 Update

 Microsoft has officially announced the latest Windows 11 update with artificial intelligence (AI) features to enhance the personalized experience for users.

"This time, we bring users a number of outstanding features, including: Windows Copilot - your daily assistant, easy backup with Windows Backup; creativity with Paint, Snipping Tool, Notepad , security is easier with Passkeys, Windows Hello for Business..." - excerpt from the September 27 press release of the company founded by American billionaire Bill Gates.

Copilot - the smart assistant at your fingertips: Microsoft is harnessing the power of AI to help users work, create and play with the preview of Copilot in Windows.

Designed to speed up tasks and save users time, Copilot in Windows can also provide answers, inspiration and personalized task support, such as summaries website, compose an email, change your settings to dark mode, or create an image for something unique.

Copilot can also help users turn on Bluetooth or connect a new pair of headphones. If users don't know how to take a screenshot, they can simply ask Copilot to do it.

To use, look for the Copilot icon on the taskbar or simply press WIN + C to launch Copilot in Windows using the same Microsoft account (MSA) or Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) used to log in on Windows.

Get creative with advanced AI tools in Paint, Snipping Tool, Photos... to optimize for digital creativity, like intuitive background removal in Paint, Paint Cocreator preview will be available for Windows Insiders starting tomorrow and to all customers in the coming weeks. To access these improvements, simply search for "Paint" in the search box or app list.

The Windows 11 update enhances the personalized experience for users. Photo: Microsoft

The Windows 11 update enhances the personalized experience for users. Photo: Microsoft

Video production is easier with Microsoft Clipchamp: With just a few simple questions, Microsoft Clipchamp will help edit the video you are developing. Clipchamp will provide suggested scenes, edits and narratives - all based on input and a few simple clicks. When work is complete, users can also easily save it to OneDrive or Google Drive, send it to social channels like Tik Tok, Instagram and LinkedIn, or upload it to YouTube. To get started, simply search for the Clipchamp app right from Taskbar Search.

AI upgraded Snipping Tool: helps record audio using audio and microphone support. Need to record a YouTube tutorial or record an online class? Snipping Tool will help you get the job done easier than ever. To use the screen recording feature, just press Win + Shift + R or Print Screen.

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Text extraction and editing: helps users extract specific content from an online article, video call or any other source. Using copied text, users can also perform web searches or easily incorporate it into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. To get started, navigate to "text task" mode after screen clipping.

Find and edit your favorite photos easily with background blur and advanced search capabilities in the Photos app. Looking for your favorite set of photos from a trip but can't remember where you put them? Just enter a keyword to quickly locate the photo you're looking for. Whether you're searching by subject, location, or date, the Photos app streamlines the process, showing you relevant photos instantly.

Back up easily with Windows Backup: users can choose their preferred backup options across most files, applications, settings, and logins. When switching to a new Windows 11 PC, users will have the option to restore content from any backed up PC, directly from the cloud, by signing in with a Microsoft account. Windows Backup will make sure everything is in the right place on your old PC.

For even greater simplicity, simply sign in to Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account, where users can choose to sync their browsing history, favorite websites, passwords, and other browser data to transfer from device to device. one device to the next seamlessly.

Accessible by default: users can now dictate complex and non-standard words through a new spelling experience, and the error correction function corrects incorrectly recognized words. To activate, search for Voice Access in the list of apps to begin setup.

Natural language in Narrator is expanding to support more languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and English (UK, India).

To start using Narrator, press Win +Ctrl + Enter.

Easier security: Windows 11 offers an unprecedented range of security benefits to protect your information and PC with Passkeys, Smart App Control, and Adaptive Dimming.

With this latest Windows 11 update, users just need to smile to log in, replacing Passwords with Passkeys. The update also features other notable security improvements: presence sensors for increased security and reduced power usage; Windows Hello for Business; Support IT professionals with Config Refresh or Application Security with Intune.

Additionally, there are many other notable innovations such as Windows 365 Boot that streamlines access to Windows 365 cloud PCs; Seamless switch between PC and cloud PC; Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Windows; AI-powered suggestions in File Explorer and Start; Introducing Instant Games in the Microsoft Store on Windows...

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