Toyota Land Cruiser Dealership Offers 'Price Channel' at Over 500 Million VND

Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 is being sold at an unexpectedly high price by some dealers in the US.

Toyota Land Cruiser officially returned to the North American market in August 2023 and created a fever among enthusiasts of the Japanese brand's rugged, muscular off-road vehicles.

In the US, Toyota Land Cruiser is distributed with 3 versions, the listed price starts at 57,345 USD (~ 1.36 billion VND) and can increase to 76,345 USD in the First Edition version (~ 1.85 billion VND). ).

However, taking advantage of the scarcity and appeal of this car model, some Toyota dealers in the US deliberately increased the price compared to the listed price to increase profits from the difference.

According to Carscoops, Maita Toyota dealer in Sacramento, California is selling a pair of Land Cruiser First Edition 2024 with prices of 91,295 USD (~ 2.32 billion VND) and 91,645 USD (~ 2.33 billion VND) respectively. copper). This is a price difference of up to 14,950 USD (~380 million VND) compared to the listed selling price.

Similarly, the Toyota of Palo Alto dealer also sells a pair of Land Cruiser First Edition 2024 at even higher prices with 93,304 USD (~ 2.37 billion VND) and 92,473 USD (~ 2.35 billion VND), "channel" up to 14,999 USD (~ 381 million VND) compared to the company's listed price.

Dealer sells Toyota Land Cruiser "price channel" for more than 500 million VND - 3

Future Toyota dealer in Yuba City, California, has increased the price by 19,995 USD (~ 508 million VND) for the Heritage Blue and Grayscape Land Cruiser First Edition versions. Despite the suggested price of 76,695 USD (~ 1.95 billion VND), the dealer still asked for a price of 96,690 USD (~ 2.46 billion VND).

And yet, Thompsons Toyota dealer in Placerville, California is offering a price of 97,043 USD (~ 2,470 billion VND) for the SUV, an increase of 20,000 USD (~ 509 million VND), after adding the accessory package and other costs. related to. This dealer's website even confidently introduces that "Nowhere else sells cheaper than us".

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The most expensive price recorded by Carscoops in the US is at the Concord Toyota dealer in California. Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 is being offered for sale at 97,345 USD (~2,478 billion VND) although the listed price in this area is only 76,345 USD (~1.94 billion VND).

Dealer sells Toyota Land Cruiser "price channel" for more than 500 million VND - 5

The situation of high price discrepancies does not only happen with the Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 but also appears in many other car models such as: Dodge Challengers, Ford Mustang or Hyundai Ioniq 5,... as well as many other popular mid-range cars . .

Previously, in December 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), announced the issuance of the "Anti-Automotive Retail Fraud Rule" (CARS) to stop the situation of auto dealers increasing prices or Imposing unreasonable costs on products to gain illegal profits from customers. customers. This rule takes effect from July 2024. However, the above situation seems to still not be resolved and is facing many strong reactions from auto retailers.

In Vietnam, dealers selling high prices or selling "beer with peanuts" by forcing them to buy additional accessories is also a common phenomenon in the peak season auto market. However, car companies are almost on the sidelines.

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