Top 5 Budget-Friendly German Car Models You Should Consider

These are the 5 most affordable German car models and are also perfect cars in terms of five-star quality and safety.

Volkswagen Golf GT


This German car is versatile and sporty to drive, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts of affordable German cars with a five-star safety rating.

This car excels in many aspects such as precise and responsive dynamic handling, powerful engine, rapid acceleration, advanced braking technology...

This German car model has prices ranging from 31,765 USD - 45,455 USD (about 794 - more than 1.1 billion VND) for different trim levels.

Audi A6 2023 2.0 liter

This German model offers outstanding performance, safety features and a competitive price. The Audi A6 is known for its powerful engine options, responsive handling, and smooth ride quality.

The car is equipped with advanced safety technologies and impressive acceleration and precise handling.

The Audi A6 offers a good balance between luxury features and an affordable price in its class. The German car's price depends on the level of decoration, from 56,900 USD to 121,900 USD (about more than 1.4-3 billion VND).

Audi A3 2020

The Audi A3 offers a dynamic driving experience, combined with advanced safety features. This German car has a beautiful design and sharp handling. The Audi A3 delivers dynamic performance that sets it apart in the affordable German car segment.

The Audi A3 excels with a suite of advanced technologies such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. The new Audi A3 is priced between 34,295 USD - 40,495 USD (about 857 - more than 1 billion VND) depending on the trim level.

BMW 3-Series 2024

BMW is famous for combining class with performance and precision German engineering. This German car is an attractive choice for drivers who prioritize a luxurious, safe and sturdy vehicle.

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The 3-Series sedan boasts outstanding handling, ensures precise control over a variety of road conditions. Its acceleration performance is quick, providing a fun driving experience and good fuel economy.

The car is equipped with luxurious materials and spacious seats. In addition, the sedan is also equipped with advanced technology features to help you stay comfortable when traveling long distances.

The BMW 3-Series has a starting price of 44,500 USD (about more than 1.1 billion VND) with the base version and increases to 84,400 USD (about more than 2.1 billion VND) with the highest available version.

Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2023

This German car model offers an enjoyable driving experience. Photo: Volkswagen.

This German car model offers an enjoyable driving experience. Photo: Volkswagen.

This German model offers an exciting driving experience with its sporty characteristics and responsive handling. The car is also equipped with advanced technology to help ensure safety for you and your passengers on the road.

This model is known for its dynamic handling and powerful engine. This German model offers an attractive combination of safety features and affordability, making it popular with discerning drivers.

Vehicle prices range from 20,415 USD -32,145 USD (about 510 - more than 800 million VND) depending on decoration options.

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