Revolutionizing Racing: First Individual with Brain Chip Implant Showcases Mind-Controlled Competition

  The video shows Nolan Arbaugh skillfully playing the racing game with just his thoughts, surprising many people.

Nolan Arbaugh, 29 years old, was completely paralyzed after a serious accident eight years ago. Currently he can only move his head and neck.

However, after Nolan had a chip developed by Neuralink implanted in his brain, his life changed and Nolan accomplished things that he thought he would never be able to do in his current situation.

Accordingly, Nolan Arbaugh performed surgery to implant a brain chip on January 30. 2 months after the surgery, Nolan's health has completely recovered and he can control the mouse cursor on the computer, play games on the laptop for many hours continuously or post on social networks... all just with your own thoughts.

The first person with a brain chip implant demonstrates racing with his mind - 1

Nolan Arbaugh plays racing games with his dad. He controls the character smoothly with just his thoughts (Photo cut from clip).


Recently, Nolan Arbaugh shared a video on his personal X account, showing that he was invited to visit Neuralink company headquarters as the first person to have the company's chip implanted in his brain. At this visit, Nolan had the opportunity to talk to the company's employees about his own experiences after receiving a brain chip implant.

"Neuralink was kind enough to open their doors to me for a tour of their headquarters a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful experience and a day I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who made it possible "This becomes reality. I hope one day to tell my story completely," Nolan Arbaugh shared on social network X.

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At a meeting of Neuralink employees, Nolan Arbaugh shared a short video showing that he was able to play the racing game Mario Kart with his father. The video shows Nolan just lying still and using his thoughts to control the character in the game.

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