Leading the AI Charge: Country Boasts World's Largest Pool of AI Talent

  The US is the country with the most companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world, but the US is not the global leader in the number of AI talents and industry-leading experts.

Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing technology field in recent years. Along with this technology trend is the emergence of a series of AI companies, many universities are also actively training students in AI fields to keep up with global trends...

According to a report by KPMG International and technology firm ZGC (China), by the end of June 2023, there were about 36,000 companies specializing in artificial intelligence in the world, of which 13,000 companies (approximately equivalent to 33.5%) are headquartered in the US and more than 5,700 companies (equivalent to 16%) are Chinese. Countries that rank behind in terms of number of companies in the AI field include the UK (2,367), India (2,080) and Canada (1,515).

Not America, this is the country with the most AI talent in the world - 1

AI-integrated robot developed by American company Daisy (Photo: Getty).

If we count only successful AI companies and achieve a market capitalization of 1 billion USD or more, the whole world has 291 companies, of which 131 are American companies and 108 are Chinese companies, the remaining are companies from many different countries.

Although the US outperforms China in particular and the world in general in terms of the number of AI companies, however, the US is only the second country in the world in terms of training leading talents and experts in the field. WHO.

According to the latest research results of the MacroPolo project, China is the country that trains the largest number of personnel in the AI field in the world.

MacroPolo's research shows that China has trained nearly 50% of people working in the field of AI globally, while the US has only trained about 18%. This is considered a great leap for China, when 3 years ago, the US was still the world's leading country in the number of training AI researchers.

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In addition, China also dominates the number of leading researchers in the field of AI, with about 38%, compared to 37% in the US. Three years ago, only about 27% of top AI researchers came from China, compared to 31% of US experts.

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