Latest Leaks Offer Compelling Evidence of iPhone 16's Redesigned Form Factor

  Leaked information shows that the camera system of iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will be designed more compactly, similar to the iPhone X generation.

MacRumors page has just posted images of the back cases of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus duo. This image shows two next-generation standard iPhone models that will get a design refresh.

More evidence about the new design of iPhone 16 - 1

The case is said to be for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus (Photo: MacRumors).

Specifically, the main camera system of the device will be made more compact with two vertical lenses, similar to the iPhone X. Meanwhile, the LED flash will be placed outside the camera cluster. This change makes the overall back design more minimalist and more harmonious than recent iPhone generations.

This is a small change but will contribute to increasing the recognition ability of new generation iPhone devices. Apple often uses these details to create design highlights for users.

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