Honda's new electric car series appeared at the Chinese car exhibition

Honda will bring new electric car models to the billion-dollar Chinese market

Honda and its joint venture have just launched the new Ye EV brand with 3 new electric car models with impressive designs. This is the Japanese car company's response to China's national electric car brand, BYD. Honda has just announced the “Ye” (烨) electric car series and 3 new models under this name.

Including 2 electric SUV lines that will be launched at the end of 2024 and a concept model that will be turned into a production car at the end of 2025. In addition to these 3 models, Ye Series EV will add more product lines in 2027. According to Honda, “Ye” means “shining” in Chinese, symbolizing the series' emphasis on “driving pleasure and individuality.” These models feature a simple H logo and no bezel, designed specifically for Honda's next generation electric vehicles.

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In addition, they also use a new design language and use vivid colors and exceptionally sharp details. The blue Ye P7 is described as more "sophisticated" and the yellow Ye S7 as more "emotional". Both electric vehicles have similar styling, featuring black pillars, flat door handles, cameras that replace mirrors, and angular wheel arches.

However, notable differences appear in their front and rear designs — the Ye P7 oozes a Honda look, while the Ye S7 gives us a Cadillac feel, especially from the rear view.

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There are no interior images yet, but Honda promises a spacious cabin that will provide a comfortable driving experience for all occupants. These car models will also be equipped with AI-powered assistants. The company hasn't revealed any specifications but says the Ye Series will be built on a new electric vehicle-specific platform (developed in China).

These electric SUVs will offer the option between single and dual electric motors. RWD versions are said to have “sport and sharp handling,” while AWD versions offer more power and “highly responsive handling.”

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As for the Ye GT Concept, the car is only in the concept version but we can see the sharp design language with a sleeker, lower profile than the two SUV models. It's about the same size as the Civic, has premium LED lighting, refined styling lines and a gracefully sloping rear roofline.

The futuristic interior will feature a driver-centric design, with a chassis setup focused on delivering dynamic driving. Furthermore, front passengers have access to a special “far focus” screen that offers a “private theater”-like experience...

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The Ye P7, S7 and GT Concept will make their public debut at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show (also known as Auto China) before being put into production by the joint venture Dongfeng Honda and Guangqi Honda. Honda plans to introduce a total of 10 electric vehicle models in China by 2027 – including 6 models of the Ye series. The automaker believes the electric vehicle transition is “proceeding rapidly” in China and aims to become an electric vehicle-only brand in the region by 2035.

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