Global Hub: Country Emerges as Epicenter for AI Talent Worldwide

 Not America, this is the country with the most AI talent in the world - 2

China has invested heavily in AI training to surpass other countries in the number of personnel working in the field of AI (Photo: Nikkei).

The reason China has achieved such a leap is because the country has invested heavily in AI training and education in recent years. MacroPolo's research shows that since 2018, China has added more than 2,000 bachelor's training programs in AI, including 300 training programs only at the country's best universities.

In addition, the development of AI platforms in China has helped the country retain talent in the field of AI, instead of allowing "brain drain" when many leading AI experts move to work. work or research in the US or countries in Western Europe.

In addition, the Washington government's difficult immigration policy has also caused many Chinese-born AI experts to continue to stay in their home country, instead of moving to the US to work.

"Chinese scholars are almost at the forefront of AI. If US policymakers continue to try to ban Chinese citizens from studying and working in the US, they are "shooting themselves in the foot." "We will soon be far behind China in the AI race", said Subbarao Kambhampati, Professor and AI researcher at Arizona State University.

Despite the decline in AI training, the US remains the top destination for AI professionals globally. In addition to the US and China, many countries are also trying hard to find ways to attract AI experts to work and live, of which the UK and South Korea are the two most active countries with many policies to attract talent. WHO.

Similar to China, India is also the world's largest "exporter" of AI personnel, but in recent years, the Indian government has been looking for ways to retain the AI talent it trains.

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According to MacroPolo, in 2019, nearly all AI researchers trained in India sought work opportunities abroad, but by 2023, 20% of AI workers stayed to work in their home country. after training.

MacroPolo's research shows that countries are making great efforts to retain AI experts and researchers, in the context of AI making great strides. The race to train and attract AI personnel promises to remain fierce between countries in the near future, when AI is considered the future of the global technology industry.

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