Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 30% Off Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB and 512GB Models

  Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G versions of 256GB, 512GB and 1TB all recorded price reductions of up to 30% at Duc Huy Mobile after only 3 months of launch.

Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB, 512GB 30% off at Duc Huy Mobile - 1

Galaxy S24 Ultra has many capacity versions for customers to choose from (Photo: Duc Huy Mobile).

Specifically, at the Duc Huy Mobile system in Ho Chi Minh City, the genuine unsealed Galaxy S24 Ultra version (original stamp, original packaging, 100% new) 256GB costs 21.9 million VND, the 512GB version costs 25.2 million VND. and the 1TB version costs 30.9 million VND.

At the time of release, the Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB had a starting price of 33.9 million VND, the 512GB and 1TB versions were priced at 37.49 and 44.49 million VND respectively.

Thus, after only 3 months since the official launch in the Vietnamese market, the most high-end flagship model of the Galaxy S24 series product line has reduced its selling price by about 30%.

Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB, 512GB 30% discount at Duc Huy Mobile - 2

Customers are very interested in Galaxy S24 Ultra after receiving information about the Duc Huy Mobile system with a strong discount (Photo: Duc Huy Mobile).

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