Bill Gates admitted that AI is the second breakthrough technology in his lifetime

 Bill Gates said that in his life, he witnessed the birth of two breakthrough and revolutionary technologies, one of which is the development of artificial intelligence. What is the remaining technology?

As the founder of Microsoft and a technology pioneer, Bill Gates is one of the creators and has access to many new technologies, before they are officially made available to users.

In a post on the official blog, Bill Gates revealed that although he had approached and used many technologies as soon as they were first released, he was only truly impressed with two new technologies throughout his life. he considered them revolutionary technologies.

Bill Gates admitted that AI is the 2nd breakthrough technology in his lifetime - 1

Bill Gates admitted that the birth of AI was the second time there was a revolutionary breakthrough technology that impressed him (Illustration: Pinterest).

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Accordingly, the first time there was a technology that really impressed Bill Gates was in 1980, when he was first introduced to the graphical user interface, a technology that according to Bill Gates is money. trunk of every modern operating system, including Windows.

Before that, computer operating systems did not have a user interface and only had a command line interface, meaning users had to enter command lines to control the computer, which made using the computer complicated. with general users.

"In 1980, Charles Simonyi, a brilliant programmer, showed me a demo of a graphical user interface on a computer and immediately we started thinking about what we could do to Using computers becomes more user-friendly," Bill Gates wrote on the official blog.

Charles Simonyi then joined Microsoft and helped bring the user interface to Windows, making this operating system the "backbone" of Microsoft because it was well received by users thanks to its friendly interface and simple usage. That's why Bill Gates sees the graphical user interface as a revolutionary technology.


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