Bill Gates Acknowledges AI as the Second Breakthrough Technology of His Lifetime

 At the time Bill Gates first experienced ChatGPT, the tool was still only in the development and trial stage. It will not be until November 2022 that OpenAI will announce ChatGPT to the community. ChatGPT then quickly became a global "fever" thanks to its ability to interact with users and answer questions in natural language.

Bill Gates believes that the birth of AI will create a foundation for technology development, similar to the birth of microprocessors, personal computers, the internet or mobile phones.

"AI will change the way people work, learn, travel, take care of their health and communicate with each other. Entire industries will have to reorient around AI, businesses will have to find solutions to Use AI effectively," Bill Gates shared.

"I was lucky to participate in the personal computer and internet revolution. Now, I'm excited about this new revolution," Gates added.

Previously, Microsoft, the company founded by Bill Gates, was one of the earliest investors in OpenAI, so Microsoft had the right to use and integrate AI tools developed by OpenAI into its products. .

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Although Bill Gates sees AI as a revolutionary technology, he still believes that AI still has many shortcomings that make him not completely confident in this technology. Perhaps AI tools still need time to develop and perfect to fully gain Bill Gates' trust.

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