Affordable Innovation: AI Integration Expected in Future Budget-Friendly iPhones

  According to Apple Insider, the next generation of low-cost iPhone products (iPhone SE 4) will integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the camera system to improve the device's photography capabilities.

This source also revealed that the iPhone SE 4 camera will not support night photography features. This is quite understandable because low-cost iPhone products often have advanced features omitted to cut costs.

Cheap iPhone will be integrated with AI - 1

iPhone SE 4 model (Photo: BGR).

Previously, leaked images showed that this iPhone SE 4 will have an appearance similar to the iPhone 14 with a notch on the front and a square frame. However, the device will only support one camera on the back, similar to the iPhone XR.

This change is considered the most important upgrade for the iPhone product line positioned in the "low-cost" segment.

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