2024 Unveiling the Titans: The World's 7 Most Powerful Supercomputers Today

  - Supercomputers operate on the same principles as regular computers, but their performance is much higher and they are shaped like the classic giant computers of the past.

Unlike desktop or laptop computers, supercomputers process huge data sets and perform calculations at extremely high speeds.

According to IBM, they are the fastest computers in the world and require huge infrastructure to operate them, including extremely modern cooling systems.

In terms of design, they also have more components than regular computers. Your laptop may have 1 central processing unit (CPU) and one graphics processing unit (GPU), but a supercomputer can have thousands of CPUs and GPUs, and each one is more powerful than many CPUs. and the GPU of a regular computer.

In terms of performance, a normal computer has a power of several hundred gigaFLOPs/second (each FLOP is a mathematical calculation), equivalent to 1 trillion. Meanwhile, the most powerful supercomputer in the world today has exceeded the capacity of 1 exaFLOP, equivalent to 1 quadrillion. They are called exa-level supercomputers.

Because they are capable of processing extremely large amounts of data and calculating incredibly fast, scientists often use supercomputers to solve problems of invention and discovery of drugs and materials.

They also have predictive capabilities, such as forecasting the weather and even learning how to play chess, like IBM's 1997 classic Deep Blue supercomputer.

Below are the 7 most powerful supercomputers today.

1. Frontier

7 most powerful supercomputers in the world today - 1

Frontier supercomputer (Photo: Carlos Jones/ US Department of Energy).

Location: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA

Performance: 1.2 exaFLOPS

Announcement of operations: August 2022

Frontier is the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Scientists initially planned to use it for cancer research, drug discovery, nuclear synthesis, new materials, super-efficient engine design and modeling of stellar explosions. In the future, scientists will use Frontier to design transportation technology and medical technology.

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