2024 Next-Generation Photography: Key Camera Improvements Expected in the iPhone 16 Pro

 Currently, iPhone 15 Pro is only equipped with a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom capability. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro Max version supports 5x optical zoom. According to MacRumors, the iPhone 16 Pro version will also improve the lens with 5x zoom capability similar to the Pro Max version.

Previously, GizmoChina said that the camera system on iPhone 16 Pro Max will be upgraded with a Sony IMX903 main sensor with 48MP resolution and 1/1.14 inch size.

One of the outstanding features of this sensor is Dual Pixel Autofocus (DPAF), which enhances focusing accuracy and speed, helping to track moving subjects seamlessly. This upgrade promises to continue to improve image quality compared to its predecessor.

It is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro will be upgraded with memory capacity starting at 256GB, similar to the Pro Max version. Besides, Apple will also add a maximum storage option of 2TB, instead of 1TB like its predecessors.

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