2024 Exploring the Impact: A Review of Technology Billionaires' Visits to Vietnam

  Many technology billionaires have chosen Vietnam as a destination for personal trips, or trips as leaders of large corporations to learn about the market or find investment opportunities.

Review the times technology billionaires visited Vietnam

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited and worked in Vietnam on April 15 and 16. The surprise appearance of CEO Tim Cook in Vietnam has attracted a lot of attention from domestic and international media.

This is not the first time a leader of the world's leading technology corporation has visited Vietnam. Many other technology billionaires have set foot in Vietnam on both personal and business trips.

Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft

Bill Gates is one of the technology billionaires who has visited Vietnam the most times.

The first time Bill Gates came to Vietnam was in April 2006, as Chairman of Microsoft. During this visit, he met with Vietnamese leaders and attended a number of activities to promote information technology development in Vietnam. Bill Gates also visited Bac Ninh province and had the experience of chewing betel and listening to mandarin singing.

Review of times technology billionaires visited Vietnam - 1

Bill Gates tried chewing betel when he first came to Vietnam.

One year later, in April 2007, Bill Gates returned to Vietnam as co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates charity foundation. Mrs. Melinda Gates, ex-wife of Bill Gates, was also present on this trip. Bill Gates and his wife have had activities supporting health and education programs in Vietnam.

Most recently, in early March, Bill Gates and his girlfriend Paula Kalupa landed on a private plane at Da Nang airport and had a 5-day trip to Da Nang and Hoi An. This was a personal trip, so Bill Gates hid the entire schedule and did not have any meetings with local authorities or the media.

Steve Ballmer - CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer is the second CEO at Microsoft, who replaced Bill Gates in Microsoft's power chair in 2000 and held this position until he retired in 2014.

During his time as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer visited Vietnam twice, but all were quick trips for work purposes.

Reviewing the times technology billionaires visited Vietnam - 2

CEO Steve Ballmer in a talk with Hanoi University of Science and Technology students in May 2010 (Photo: H.Mai).

The first time Steve Ballmer came to Vietnam was in May 2007. During this trip, Microsoft CEO met former Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and signed a series of agreements to promote cooperation between Microsoft and government agencies and a number of large corporations in Vietnam to support Vietnam's development. IT and communications development...

In May 2010, Steve Ballmer once again returned to Vietnam for a trip lasting just one day. In this return, Steve Ballmer promoted new Microsoft products to Vietnamese businesses. In addition, Microsoft CEO also had a talk with more than 1,000 students at Hanoi Polytechnic University about the future of the IT industry.

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