Enhanced Experience: Vietnamese Users Can Now Send High-Quality Photos via Facebook Messenger

 To use this feature, every time you use the file sending feature on the Messenger application, check the "HD" icon in the image file selection dialog box. At this time, images sent via Messenger will retain the same quality and resolution.

On the recipient's side, images sent in high quality mode will be accompanied by an "HD" icon for their clarity.

Facebook allows Vietnamese users to send high quality photos via Messenger - 2

Recipients can view and download high-quality photos, with original resolution, sent when using the Messenger application on smartphones as well as using Facebook Messenger on computer web browsers.

Unfortunately, the new feature on Messenger only supports sending high-quality photos, while video files sent through this application are still compressed and reduce quality.

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Currently, the feature of sending high-quality video files via Messenger only supports users in some countries such as the US, UK, France, Denmark, Singapore, Korea, Canada... It is unclear when Facebook will bring this feature to the market. with users in Vietnam.

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