What is GOGA ($GOGA)? A new project that could help you learn and boost your English while earning cryptocurrency

GOGA has been created for everyone who wants to learn and improve their English so you can enjoy playing game-based English learning experience and earn money at the same time!

The cryptocurrency market is a minefield, full of unique terminology, jargon, and notions that do not exist outside of the crypto sphere. This means that for newcomers, it can be a bit intimidating when you’re first starting off, especially when deciding on your initial investments.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic learn and earn cryptocurrency programs that will pay you in cryptocurrency for learning. Learn to Earn programs are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency world. The concept is straightforward. You will need to watch videos or read articles, then take quizzes, and if you pass, you will receive a set amount of crypto assets as a reward.

GOGA is the first Southeast Asian e-Learning service to use AI-aided and NFT game-based learning, rewarding learners for the time and effort they put into learning, playing, and building the ecosystem.

Tokenization of game resources and items enables holders to sell them to anybody, anywhere on a public peer-to-peer marketplace.

The primary distinction between GOGA and other learning apps is that Blockchain technology is used to reward our learners for their contributions to the ecosystem. This innovative game-based learning technique is known as “learn-to-earn.”

What is the project trying to achieve?

GOGA’s objective is to build a digital learn-to-earn platform that will appeal to all English learners by allowing them to learn and earn money using Blockchain technology.

That is why they intend to build synergy by integrating AI and gamification experience with a tried-and-true learning approach, changing the ecosystem into a one-of-a-kind blend of “practicality” and “fun.”

What are unique selling points?

GOGA promotes a three-way mutually beneficial relationship between Practical Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Gamification:

Practical Methodology

GOGA offers English learners its tried-and-true practical methodology:

  • Deep listening
  • Catching up
  • Rapid response.

GOGA caters to all skill levels, from beginning to intermediate to advanced. A skilled team of linguists and speech experts tailors learning content to each level of skill.

AI Technology

To correctly analyze the users’ pronunciation, Voice Recognition and Pronunciation Scoring are extensively used. This enables them to completely comprehend their pronunciation strengths and flaws, which they can work on in future practices.


All users have the right to participate in the eLearning game for free. They have the option to receive virtual things, NFTs, GOGA tokens, and presents while playing.

The “CHALLENGE” option, which offers a competitive mode with human learners rather than bots, is a unique feature that promotes GOGA. Learners compete for the reward against genuine learners.

GOGA Game-based Learning

The user journey is divided into 4 steps according to the learning process of GOGAs.

Step 1 – Arena

Play small English games & compete with other users to get familiar with English.

  • Gamified lessons
  • Stay motivated
  • Person-to-person interaction

Step 2 – Pronun

Improve your pronunciation to get the desired accent with:

  • AI Integration: Voice Recognition & Pronunciation Scoring
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • Users’ Strength & Weakness understanding

Step 3 – Fluency

Elevate speaking attributes to speak English confidently.

  • 3 effective techniques: Deep Listening, Catching Up, Rapid Response
  • Actionable & Interactive lessons
  • Accurate evaluation

Step 4 – Enjoy

Enjoy learning English with:

  • Personalized process
  • Language immersion
  • Appealing learning materials

Featured Function

Avatar Attribute

Learners can participate in various learning activities, gaming battles with other players, and win the game to receive treasure boxes containing items. GOGA upgrading process is affected by 3 attributes:

  • Strength: increase box drop rate in GOGA activities.
  • Intelligence: raise the rate of receiving tokens when opening the box.
  • Agility: level up the chance of getting good items after box opening.
Avatar Attribute GOGA


Premium learners can exchange products for tokens in the marketplace. Learners from all around the world can communicate and exchange products with one another.

This marketplace has advanced features that give learners a flawless trading experience as well as money-making chances.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale will take place once per quarter and once a year, and it will be available only to premium learners. To win the game, participants must defeat their opponents

The overall prize pool is determined by the number of competitors.

The Prize Pool is shared among the top 64 users with the highest scores, and the winner receives the total sum accumulated from previous losers.

Learn To Earn (L2E)

During the game-based learning journey, players are supposed to gear up their GOGA character by the learn-to-earn method:

Learn to gain boxes

  • Learners are supposed to learn, finish lesson missions and win the arena competitions to receive boxes.
  • Boxes appear randomly.
  • To increase their chances of receiving boxes, users need to raise Strength.

Unlock boxes

  • When receiving boxes, it’s time for users to unlock them to get surprising items.
  • Items are unpredictable to stimulate users’ curiosity and increase the attractiveness of the unlocking process.
  • To get more chances to have good items, Agility should be boosted.

Trade / Gear up

  • Learners can trade received items for tokens.
  • Or keep them to gear up their avatar.


Key Metrics

  • Token Name: GOGA
  • Ticker: GOGA
  • Blockchain: TBA
  • Token Standard: TBA
  • Contract: TBA
  • Token Type: TBA
  • Total Supply: TBA
  • Circulating Supply: TBA

Token Allocation & Release Schedule

Token Sale

Token Use Case


  • Save 15 – 50% when using GOGA Token to buy a subscription
  • Buy keys to open boxes


  • Pay for marketplace trading fee
  • Pay for upgrade user attributes to gain more value


  • Pay for Joining The Battle Royale
  • Trading NFT items

GOGA Token Quarterly Burn

  • The GOGA Token burned is calculated based on overall quarterly trading volume.
  • In the long run, increasing its value.

How to own the token?

To receive boxes at random, learners must complete lesson missions and win arena competitions. After receiving boxes, students utilize keys to access gifts such as virtual things, NFT items, and GOGA tokens.

GOGA tokens can be used to upgrade to premium status, purchase keys to unlock boxes and trade on the market. Users can choose to accept products or exchange them for a profit on the marketplace.

The quarterly Big Game is only available to VIP subscribers and features a large reward. The model differs slightly depending on the learner type.

Free Learners

To level up the GOGA character, free learners can collect treasure boxes as incentives for completing tasks.

Free learners, on the other hand, can only access free classes and have a maximum of 5 lives to play with. When you lose these, it takes 30 minutes for your life to be replaced.

Premium Learners

Premium learners have access to all features like:

  • Unlimited lives to play games
  • Access to all learning courses
  • Bonus keys to open boxes daily




Incubator & Partners


BeNative is a language learning online service with more than 600 thousand users. Users can learn real native English not from language teachers but from native global leaders of top companies.

Over the past few years, we have been executing our plans to achieve our mission. As a result, BeNative attracted 9 million-dollar investments and launched 4 global headquarters in South Korea, Japan, China, Hongkong, providing BeNative service to 181 global countries with 6 prepared language subtitles (Korean, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi) and Spanish subtitle is going to be released in near future.

BeNative currently has 100,000 active users around the world.

‘Learn English, Earn Bitcoin’ came out to motivate people to study. BeNative rewards everyone who studies with BeNative mobile app. We estimate all your studying processes with XP (eXperience Points) and amounts of XP will decide how much reward will be given. XP is proof of learning. 

Coinmarket Learn and Earn

CoinMarketCap isn’t a crypto exchange – but it is the leading crypto price-tracking website, so it’s visited by millions of users every day looking for a variety of popular and less common coins and tokens.

CoinMarketCap has partnered with trusted & emerging projects to offer an easy way to learn about cryptocurrency, earning crypto assets as a reward. At the time I’m writing you can earn these cryptocurrencies and many others: NEAR, LIKE, PERP, XMS, NFTB, URUS, SAND, CRU, CYBER, FOL, etc.

Coinbase Learn and Earn

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Coinbase has an excellent learn and earn crypto program. All you need to do to take part is sign up for a Coinbase account, 

Then you can start learning by watching videos and answering quiz questions. You’ll earn crypto in your Coinbase account for every quiz you complete. 

The courses are regularly updated and they only run for short periods of time. At the time of writing you can earn (for more check their websites to see): Stellar Lumens (XLM), The Graph (GRT), Enzyme (MLN), Bounce Token (AUCTION), Compound (Comp), NKN (NKN), Chiliz (CHZ), Rally (RLY), etc.

GOGA is the first Learn-to-earn app ever in Southeast Asia to combine the outstanding features of EdTech & Blockchain technology. With the aim to build the best NFT game-based learning app in the world and make it universally available. They commit themselves to be liable for their learners’ success through a simple and enjoyable learning method.

Overall, the project is still in its 1st phase and I believe they will have many updates to surprise the users. We will get to you more with the latest information about GOGA, so stick with us! Stay tuned

Find out more about this project:

Website: https://goga.ai/

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas about the projects, please email [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.


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