WAX drops 10 million NFTs on blockchain accounts with zero carbon emissions

Known as the King of NFT and the world’s leading entertainment network, Worldwide Asset eXchange will celebrate its milestones by depositing 10 million NFTs on WAX blockchain accounts.

With 15 to 20 million transactions per day, WAX has established itself as the world’s leading blockchain by transaction volume. Recently, the platform had more than 11 million wallet accounts.

The biggest and only NFT drop so far

This drop event brings free NFT to the first 10 million WAX wallet holders. The project aims to honor its loyal community while demonstrating that more than 10 million NFTs can be minted and distributed with zero carbon emissions.

WAX CEO and co-founder William Quigley said:

“We developed WAX to handle bulk business for the consumer market. We have not only combined the best NFT standard, but also a user-friendly marketplace, DEX and cloud wallet. I believe we achieved our goal as WAX has the highest trading volume compared to other chains.”

At 10 pins, the free NFTs celebrate several key milestones in WAX history, including the launch of mainnet in 2019.

WAX drops

Pin #1 –  mainnet launch celebration in 2019

The other pins represent different aspects of the development of the platform, from the launch of the WAX ​​Cloud wallet and the arrival of Play2Earn to the various partnerships and middle certifications.

WAX drops

Pin #9 – 3 toys represent partnership with Mattel, Funko, Hasbro

According to DappRadar, Wax’s transaction volume is outperforming its peers, including giants like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC, NEAR, Avalanche, and more.

“My partner and I have been in the virtual gaming market for many years. We understand the value of decentralizing virtual items so they can be freely transferred. We already know Ethereum’s limitations when it comes to cost and speed caps. So we decided to build a blockchain for NFT.”

WAX drops

Number of transactions on the log | Source: DappRadar

The future of NFT

WAX offers a range of outstanding monetization games that are among the most popular dapps by DappRadar user count, including Quigley’s current favorite – Farmers World. The game generated $136.64 million from NFT trades alone, he said.

“In-game NFT has become valuable as more people get involved. Players will chop down trees using various NFT assets, virtual axes, chainsaws and even giant harvesters. It’s a simple but very fun game, your wood production is converted into game gold that can be sold on the DEX for WAX tokens.

Quigley predicts that many consumer products will soon be tokenized and argues that the vIRL NFT (Virtual World in Real Life) will be popular for years to come.

“The NFT becomes a computer. They can be programmed to do anything your imagination and the software can think of. In the future, more and more NFTs tied to actual consumer products will appear.”

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