Top 10 Reasons To Buy Fantom (FTM) In 2022, According to Altcoin Buzz

Why does Fantom (FTM) still have so many runways ahead? What could FTM’s best-case price trajectory be? What are the safest entry and exit points?

Altcoin Buzz, a Crypto News and Weekly Technical Analysis of All Top Cryptocurrencies, has highlighted 10 reasons why Fantom (FTM) is seriously heating up.

The first reason

Fantom is an open source and extensible blockchain that wants to facilitate global transactions with high efficiency and sustainability powered by the next generation of distributed ledger technology. In short, it aims to be a robust protocol.

2nd reason

What makes Fantom different from other blockchains is its new consensus based on DAG technology. DAGs are structures that have been known in the world of computing and mathematics for many years, they are even older than blockchain technology.

With DAG technology, Fantom can handle several connected nodes at the same time, allowing for increased speed scalability and much higher transaction security.

3rd reason

Fantom is packed with features. It has outstanding features such as:

  1. Instant transactions: Users can make transactions in just a second, and the cost is actually a fraction of that.
  2. High standard security: Fantom is a proof-of-stake network that works with trustless nodes.
  3. Ability of extension: Fantom has a capacity of 300 000 transactions per second.

4th reason

Fantom has EVM compatibility. So, Fantom smart contracts are fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and this means that developers can build smart contracts with the same coding language used in Ethereum. It makes Fantom suitable for many use cases.

Fantom can also reward consumer businesses and delivery agents depending on the strategy established in the smart contract.

5th reason

Users of the top 20 dApps by total value locked in the Fantom ecosystem will receive the airdrop.

6th reason

Fantom announced a one billion dollar incentive program, and since then, TVL’s growth and Fantom usage has increased dramatically. This is working together to push the price of FTM even higher.

7th reason

Staking reward is 14.15% APY, just by staking to contribute to Fantom decentralization. Users can also lock up FTM tokens for a minimum of two weeks without any specialized hardware, just a phone or a Computer system.

8th reason

You can earn rewards not only by staking but also by running a node. Another alternative to earn rewards with FTM tokens is to run a node validator. This allows participants to participate in Fantom’s consensus protocol to increase the security of the blockchain.

9th reason

Fantom is entering new markets. US residents can deposit, withdraw, and buy FTM on Binance with Lighthouse Storage. Users can store files in a decentralized and extremely secure way, and they can secure loans using FTM tokens as collateral.

10th reason

FTM has a big future on a bullish trajectory. FTM is at $2.62. It is around the support area of ​​$2.65.

If it can hold at $2.65, we could start to see an increase to $2.87, $3.19 and finally $3.31. And if that resistance at $3.31 is broken, we could see a move towards $3.63, $4.30 and $5.18.

Failure to hold that support area and failure to hold it can lead to a drop to $2.33, to $2.15 and $1.98. Those are macro-level entry and exit points based on Fibonacci analysis.

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