Are you an avid gamer in gamefi village? Are you a new player just getting into blockchain games?

Or that facing the unimaginable allure of the new generation game makes an outsider like you irresistible, but wants to learn to bring back an appropriate game?

Certainly, The Legendary Race will not disappoint any player.

Introduction to The Legendary Race project

The explosion of the NFT market has resulted in a multitude of new titles. Players feel more excited when they experience not only exciting surreal sensations, but also a good opportunity to generate income from those relaxing moments.

The Legendary Race is a racing game developed on the blockchain technology platform. The game brings a series of exciting experiences and vivid images.

Unlike traditional racing games, in Legendary Race players not only earn tokens and rewards for scoring points at each rank, but they can also bring in-game items to trade and sell in the market. In particular, you can also participate in the investment mode to bring yourself high profits.

Therefore, the launch of Legendary Race not only facilitates the direction of increasing user participation, but also provides players with a place to invest through the tournament system.

How do I play Legendary Race?

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter and take home exciting rewards from The Legendary Race. Players can join for free or top up to invest.

  • Free: Users are provided with 3 different vehicle types for free but at a base level. You must overcome obstacles to complete the challenges and bring back your items.
  • Investment: To activate this mode, players need to charge up to buy at least 1 high quality vehicle. In addition to selling earned items, you can also sell upgraded vehicles and loot boxes.
  • There is also a Pass Pack (Mission Pack): to own this pack you need to pay an additional cost to get Loot Box and high-level items

Note: Loot Box will only be obtained if the user owns the quest pack

There will be ranks in the game that players can conquer such as: Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, Legend, Super

The mission pack alone will have a seasonal duration of 1-3 months, after each season it will be reset and updated with new items.

Legendary Race has 4 categories that players can choose from to show off their skills or improve the community and teammates.

▶ Single Race (Arena)

▶ Doubles (Arena)

▶ Doubles (Ranking)

▶ Singles (Ranking)

Legendary Race


The attraction of The Legendary Race

Born in the context of blockchain games that are developing like a storm, it is not surprising that The Legendary Race has been carefully invested from content quality to graphic design.

The characters and items are so realistic that the player feels like trying their hand at each race. This increases excitement and makes them want to conquer higher peaks and creates opportunities to interact with many people in different countries around the world.

The play-to-earn feature helps players both play and earn money by exchanging items in the market.

Each item, vehicle and character is the sole property of the player and cannot be duplicated. So the higher your character ranks, the more opportunities you have to increase the price of your items.

The free-to-play feature helps players try it out on their first play with no fees. If you’re really skilled and want to race at a higher level, you can charge your car to upgrade it or spend money to buy a mission pack. Of course, the rewards in each pack are not the same.

In particular, by joining The Legendary Race you can participate in all the events organized by the publisher.

Legendary Race is not limited to just playing for fun, but also has a higher purpose, which is playing for money, playing for investment. Surely this will be a game that will attract a large number of users in the near future.

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