Starpunk Announces Genesis Eggs Offering Officially Launched On Starpunk NFT Marketplace

  Genesis Eggs Offering by Gunstar Metaverse has officially launched on Starpunk NFT Marketplace
Genesis Eggs Offering by Gunstar Metaverse has officially launched on Starpunk NFT Marketplace

Starpunk is pleased to announce that Gunstar Metaverse will officially launch the first Genesis Egg Offering on Starpunk NFT Marketplace on January 8, 2022. Through this event, both the Starpunk and Gunstar Metaverse communities will have a great opportunity to purchase various NFT Eggs and prepare to experience the upcoming official version of the game.

During this event, there will be 6 types of NFT Pets that participants can randomly receive when hatching their Genesis eggs. Each type of NFT Pet will have a specific rarity, basic stats, unique skill sets and passive skills.

Details of the GEO event on the Starpunk White-labelled NFT Marketplace

  • Number of eggs sold: 1000
  • Number of NFT Pets per Egg: 2 Random NFT Pets
  • Time Details: TBA
  • Price: TBA

Progress and detailed instructions on how to participate in the Gunstar Metaverse GEO Event on the White-labelled NFT Marketplace will be announced soon. Stay tuned and stay up to date with our latest announcements!

About Starpunk White-labelled NFT Marketplace

Starpunk’s white-labelled NFT Marketplace provides game developers with a MaaS service and launches their own Marketplace on our platform. Starpunk aspires to provide a seamless blockchain bridge to directly connect game startups with the global community to remove the middleman barrier when trading NFTs.

Existing new games can launch the in-game NFT Marketplace simply by implementing the Starpunk SDK and Uploading content/details through the Starpunk back office interface.

About Gunstar Metaverse

Gunstar Metaverse is a strategy NFT game that allows players to role-play and become a hero to save the world from brutal creatures that are aiming to destroy humanity. The game not only gives players the feeling of conquering, showing their talents, interacting with the global gaming community, but also receiving unique rewards that can be converted into real-world money.

About Starpunk

Starpunk is an All-in-one Decentralized Incubation Ecosystem for NFT Gaming Startups. We empower game developers, investors and players to build a blockchain-based economy together, accelerate the introduction of new NFT games hitting the market through Game Launchpad, and let allows Starpunk-launched projects on their NFT white-labeled Marketplace.

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