Pledge By Michael Saylor, NorthmanTrader CEO Now A Bitcoin Supporter

Sven Henrich, CEO of NorthmanTrader, is the latest Bitcoin advocate after speaking with Michael Saylor.

Pledged by Michael Saylor, NorthmanTrader CEO Now Bitcoin Supporter

There’s still room for humility and humor amid a dismal January for Bitcoin (BTC). A former outspoken critic of Bitcoin has turned bullish on Bitcoin following a conversation with Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy.

Furthermore, Sven Henrich, CEO of market analysis firm NorthManTrader, shed some light on his change of heart when he retweeted a jihad from the Bitcoin Docs Twitter account.

Despite his previous comments that Bitcoin “fixes nothing,” Henrich has been tracking the crypto market for three years. He tweeted regularly on Bitcoin’s price action, offering market analysis as reported by Cointelegraph.

However, he has no intention of buying. In 2022, he is now a “Bitcoin advocate”. That means “the arrival of Bitcoin this year coming soon” pro-Bitcoin articles, such as the detailed and well-researched piece entitled (R) evolution, and even even the laser eye on his Twitter profile picture.

But how did that happen? How do staunch anti-Bitcoin critics overcome the gap and pledge to support innovation by Satoshi Nakomoto?

It seems to have started when one of the biggest Bitcoin speculators, Michael Saylor, released his two metrics in a Twitter conversation between pairs. In July 2021, Saylor extended an olive branch to the CEO, demonstrating to Henrich that he should investigate BTC further.

Soon after, they held a Youtube discussion in which Saylor tried her best to drug traders and investment professionals.

Seven months have passed and Henrich is writing detailed articles evaluating “alternatives to an imposed monetary system”, coming to the conclusion that “Bitcoin is such an alternative”.

Henrich explains his current allegiance:

“So to Bitcoin fans, I say this: One of you. For those who are not: Don’t hate, appreciate -). That’s what makes a market.”

The article titled “(R) Evolution, Why I Became a #Bitcoin Supporter” explains the macroeconomic landscape, thinking about regulation, and asset bubbles. It is now pinned to the top of Henrich’s Twitter account.

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Saylor and Henrich recorded another in-depth discussion together on January 19 called “warming up for Bitcoin,” in which Henrich asserted that he was “looking to buy.” During the chat, Saylor urged Sven and viewers to invest more time in BTC research.

While we’ll have to wait for the announcement of his BTC purchase, it’s another win for Saylor. Saylor speak“We will convince everyone.”

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