Huobi Incubator Announces Strategic Funding With Avalanche, Affirming Commitment to Blockchain Startup Ecosystem

Huobi Incubator, the project incubation arm of Huobi Group, announced today that it will initiate a basket of funding plans for the Avalanche ecosystem to jointly incubate emerging projects, with the aim of supporting support and enhance the blockchain startup ecosystem.

Huobi Incubator will also sponsor the Avalanche Asia Hackathon, which will be held from February 1, 2022 until March 31, 2022. $5 million from the award group. Since its inception, Huobi Incubator has been committed to incubating startups, helping budding projects grow into mature, independent companies. Huobi Incubator hopes their support for new projects will fuel the spirit of innovation in the blockchain industry and provide a platform for budding developers to realize their full potential.

Avalanche Asia Hackathon invites developers to build powerful dApps within the Avalanche ecosystem. Huobi Incubator will provide full support to hackathon winners, including technical expertise and marketing support. In addition, the two winning projects will have a chance to be listed on Huobi Primelist, Huobi’s listing platform for new tokens. Winning NFT projects will also be supported in bids to successfully list their creations on the NFT marketplaces.

Since its launch, Avalanche has attracted widespread attention in the blockchain industry with its strong technical strength and excellent productivity. Avalanche has been supporting the development of emerging projects. Based on DappRadar data, more than 160 projects have been deployed on Avalanche.

The upcoming hackathon marks the beginning of a strong partnership between the Huobi Incubator and the Avalanche ecosystem, which will see the burgeoning blockchain startup ecosystem reach new heights in an already boiling industry. motion. Huobi Incubator will also partner with AVATAR (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), an independent venture fund established by leading Asian VCs, to incubate emerging projects and contribute to the development of the system. blockchain ecology.

"Huobi Incubator takes project development and ecosystem expansion very seriously. This supporting plan for the Avalanche ecosystem is but one aspect of our commitment to the startup ecosystem,"

speak Jewel Chen, Director of Huobi Incubator.

"Next, we intend to collaborate with other public chains to further spur innovation in this exciting space."

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