Behind The Scenes Of The New Metaverse The Game Beyond The Ages

As the team behind the new metaverse game Crossing the Ages (CTA) preparing for its upcoming release, CEO and co-founder Sami Chlagou explains the project’s innovative approach – ready to create made waves in the GameFi market.

Revealing some fascinating facts about the 16-month development, Chlagou breaks down how the CTA aims to provide a deeper gameplay experience based on strategic choices involving card-collecting that appeals to players. long play.

Free-to-play meets play-to-earn

“Currently, the main trend is to move things to the metaverse, but the CTA is trying to do the opposite,” explains Chlagou, outlining the project’s unique approach based on trading card nostalgia.

These tangible collects will allow players to bring a piece of the metaverse back to physical reality, while also, with their introduction into the play-to-money equation, the CTA will narrow the gap. gap between gaming and cryptocurrency, he added.

With this, the CTA is ushering in a whole new format of gameplay where players can mix old and new gaming habits, Chlagou explained, noting that the gas fee to create the card will be $1. .

Behind the scenes of the new metaverse game that transcends the ages 19
Tree Monster by Brian Valeza © Beyond the Ages

The low barrier to entry is another important factor that sets CTA apart from other blockchain games on the market – the game is free to play and those who want to access the play-to-earn functionality can do so. for as little as 10 or 20 dollars.

By combining a free-to-play and play-to-money model, the CTA will revolutionize the GameFi sector, Chlagou argues, not hiding its ambitions for the game to drive mass adoption of the technology. blockchain.

With this in mind, he also revealed some of the key reasons behind the team’s decision. launch in Polygon.

“First of all, it was important for us to choose a chain that allows us to create a game where the gas fee will never exceed $1,” he explains, noting that it is one of prerequisites when considering mass adoption goals are set for the CTA.

Reachable technical support is another key factor, says Chlagou, leveraging collaboration and smooth communication – both increasingly important when building for the long haul.

“Third, with Polygon we can clearly build for a multi-chain future,” he concluded, adding EVM compatibility as one of the key factors on the list.

Behind the scenes of the new metaverse game that transcends the ages 23
Dzydar’s Iris © Cross The Ages

Physical cards meet NFTs

In recent years, the company behind the project has acquired five studios – in Hungary, France, the UK, Japan and Brazil, Chlagou, who launched his first business in the collectible card business at his young age. 24.

Among others, Chlagou, who has worked as a producer in the audiovisual sector over the years, also founded the first private e-commerce platform for video games, and Pixelheart, a publisher and distributor of craft and limited edition video games.

He admits to getting into trading card games as a nine-year-old joining the magic the gathering bandwagon back in 1993, and believes the CTA’s move to include this retro aspect will attract all varieties of gamers.

“We’re not just building a game, we’re building an entire universe,” says Chlagou, noting that a superstar team of 14 writers has crafted a compelling storyline over the next 10 years.

Lined up in seven books, the story combines elements of both Fantasy and Sci-Fi, while flirting with powerful metaphors that are evoking philosophical reflection on the current expansion into the field. virtual area.

Behind the scenes of the new metaverse game that transcends the ages 27
Bird of Jesus Conde © Beyond the Ages

The impressive team of 134 people currently working on the project includes a wide range of illustrators, who are wrapping their first collection of over 365 collectible cards of varying rarity and unique characteristics.

The dream team of artists comes from projects like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Witcher, Lord of the Rings.

Preparing for the release

The project, which was originally developed in the dark, is now receiving the backing of many VCs, reveals the team.

Meanwhile, CTA’s Instagram, Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels are growing rapidly.

“We currently have a strong community of 300,000 people, but our mission is to hit one million by March 22,” said Chlagou, adding that the book has surpassed 60,000 downloads.

Chapters are currently available in six different languages, including French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Polish, released weekly – allowing potential players to understand the friendly game. more confidential before release.

Characters are developed based on enneagram types – another aspect that makes the story timeless and easier to understand.

Behind the scenes of the new metaverse game that transcends the ages 31
Demon by Felix Donadio © Beyond the Ages

“We will have a demo version ready by the end of February,” said Chlagou, noting that early access is planned for late April, early May.

According to him, “the key to success with this type of project is based on one thing – IP.”

“If you have this, you have absolutely everything,” argues Chlagou, pointing out the importance of building a well-defined and proactive IP strategy.

According to the team, the movie’s release is envisioned as part of a logical progression and can be expected three years after the game’s launch.

The team is also not lagging behind with plans for 3D immersive VR, though still largely dependent on technological and hardware improvements, in its roadmap for 2023 and 2024.

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