Mark Your Calendar: Apple's Special Event on May 7th Teases Exciting New Product Reveals

 Apple will hold a special event on May 7. Most likely, this will be an opportunity for "apple" to launch its new iPad series.

Apple has sent invitations to the media and technology industry to announce that it will hold a special event on the morning of May 7 (evening of May 7 Vietnam time). The event will take place online, instead of being held directly at Apple's headquarters, and will be streamed on the official "apple" website as well as social networking platforms.

Like other previous events, Apple did not reveal any detailed information on the invitation to indicate what products it would launch. However, on Apple's event invitation, there is an image of an Apple Pencil, indicating that the upcoming event will likely be an occasion for Apple to launch a new series of iPads.

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Apple holds a special event on May 7, what new products will appear? - first

Image of Apple's special event invitation with the appearance of the Apple Pencil, showing that the iPad will be the "focus" of the event (Photo: Apple). 

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