Grab Yours Now: MacBook Air M3 Available with Exclusive Discounts from Day One

 "MacBook Air M3 is suitable for many users, from students to engineers and people working in the design field. We expect this model to continue to maintain the success of the Air M1 version and Air M2 before," a representative of the FPT Shop system shared.

Compared to its predecessor, the MacBook Air M3 generation does not have any changes in design. The most valuable improvement lies in the M3 chip with processing speed, powerful graphics processing capabilities and doubled WiFi connection speed.

Apple also equipped the new generation Neural Engine chip on the MacBook Air, allowing for increased ability to handle tasks related to artificial intelligence. Apple confidently declares MacBook Air M3 as "the best AI laptop for users".

MacBook Air M3 discounts as soon as it goes on sale in Vietnam - 2

The design of the MacBook Air M3 remains unchanged compared to its predecessor (Photo: The Anh).

"Thanks to integrating the first chip manufactured on the 3nm process, MacBook Air M3 offers superior performance compared to its predecessor. With price incentives, this product is also popular with many users. choice when coming to life," said Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, CEO of Minh Tuan Mobile system.

On the MacBook Air M3 generation, Apple also offers two screen size options, including 13 inches and 15 inches. The 13-inch version has a built-in 52.6Wh battery, while the 15-inch version has a 66.5Wh battery. Apple says the duo can watch videos continuously for 18 hours or browse the web wirelessly for 15 hours.

"For basic office work, users can choose the standard version to save costs. Meanwhile, if they need to use heavier tasks such as design and video editing, users should prioritize choosing Buy the 16GB RAM version", Apple product manager at Di Dong Viet system, shared.

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