2024 Price Plunge: Sharp Decrease in iPhone 12 Prices Signals Market Shift

 The two models iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are also considered "healthy" Pro products with few problems related to hardware errors. Meanwhile, other models such as iPhone 13 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Pro Max have recently had errors related to blue screens or screen stripes.

iPhone 12 price continues to drop sharply - 2

iPhone 12 does not receive much attention from users in Vietnam (Photo: Huy Nguyen).

This causes fear for users when choosing used goods. Choosing an old iPhone 13 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Pro Max can bring quite a few risks. Therefore, the alternative solution that many users look for is a used iPhone 12 Pro Max.

"For mid-range customers, owning a used iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is still considered a good choice because of the high-end features and experiences that these models bring." , said Ms. Phung Phuong, communications representative of Mobile Vietnam system.

However, when buying a used iPhone, users also need to carefully check the device to be able to choose a product of suitable quality. At the same time, users should also look for reputable dealers to receive a guaranteed warranty and after-sales service after purchasing the device.

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